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重庆市爱德华医院流鼻血要多少钱重庆第一医院声带息肉怎么样David: Why has Joyce been moping around all week? What’s wrong with her? Victoria: She’s suffering from a broken heart. Her boyfriend broke up with her over the weekend. They had been together two years. David: Did she tell you the gruesome details? Victoria: Not really. She just said that she’s feeling depressed and she didn’t want to talk about it, but you can see the grief all over her face. David: I can think of a way to cheer her up. I’ve always wanted to go out with Joyce. Maybe I’ll ask her out. Victoria: Wait a second. I think she’s feeling pretty vulnerable right now, and there’s no way she’s y to date yet. I think you’re jumping the gun. David: There’s nothing better to help someone bounce back from a failed relationship than the promise of a new one. Victoria: Maybe, but I think it might backfire. If you just want a fling, she might not be able to recover from rejection – twice. David: Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. I’ll just distract her from her misery a while until she starts to recover. Victoria: Just t carefully. David: Leave it to the master. 659重庆市看小儿扁桃体肥大大概多少钱费用 Spencer: I’m practicing making drinks the party tonight. Do you want to try one? Heidi: You’re the bartender? I didn’t know you knew how to mix drinks. Spencer: I can hold my own. Okay, name it and I’ll make it – any mixed drink or cocktail. Heidi: Okay, I’ll have a Screwdriver. Spencer: A Screwdriver? Hmm...what’s in that? Heidi: Aren’t you supposed to know, Mr. Bartender? Spencer: I’ve never made one of those bee, that’s all. Try something else. Heidi: How about a Bloody Mary? Spencer: A Bloody Mary, a Bloody Mary...do you want that on the rocks? Heidi: Sure, that’ll be great. Spencer: Here you are – a Bloody Mary in a highball. Enjoy! Heidi: This doesn’t taste like a Bloody Mary. It tastes like you poured an entire bottle of alcohol into this. Spencer: Oh, come on. It’s not that bad. Here, I’ll add a little soda, and oh, I got the garnish. Heidi: I don’t think that’s going to help. Can I give you some advice? Stick to shots and drinks served straight up. Spencer: Ah, don’t lose faith in me. Let me make you one more drink. Heidi: Okay, but make it virgin. My mouth is still on fire from the last one. 【生词注释】bartender n.酒保mix drinks 调酒hold my own不亚于任何人name it v. 讲出来mixed drink 调好的饮料cocktail n.鸡尾酒screwdriver n. 伏特加橙汁鸡尾酒Bloody Mary n.血玛丽, 用蕃茄汁儿做的酒精饮料on the rocks 加冰块highball n.掺水的威士忌alcohol n.酒精soda n.苏打garnish n.装饰品shot n.少量lose faith 失去信心virgin adj.原味的 5558A Pirate Tale-Talks-Accident海盗者故事-话题-意外A pirate walked into a bar and ordered a whiskey.The bartender noticed that,like any self-respecting pirate,this guy had a peg leg,a hook in place of one of his hands and a patch over one eye.有个海盗走进一家酒吧并要了一杯威士忌酒.酒吧的酒保注意到,像任何一个自我肯定的海盗一样,这家伙有一条长腿,一只手上装有一个钩子,还有一个眼罩遮住了一只眼睛The bartender asked the pirate,;How did you lose your leg?;The pirate responded,;I lost my leg in a battle off the coast of Jamaica!;这酒保问海盗:“你是怎么失去你的腿啊?”海盗回答说:“我是在一次牙买加海岸战斗中失去了我的腿”His new acquaintance was still curious,so he asked,;What about your hadn.Did you lose it at the same time?; ;No,;answered the pirate.;I lost it to the sharks off the Florida Keys.;他这位新认识的朋友很好奇的又问:“那你的手呢,是在同一次战役中失去的吗?”“不是”海盗回答说:“那是在Florida Keys(地名)那里被沙鲨鱼咬去了”Finally,the bartender asked,;I notice you also have an eye patch.How did you lose your eye?;The pirate answered,;I was sleeping on a beach when a sea gull flew over and crapped right in my eye.;The bartender was puzzled,;How could a little sea gull crap make you lose your eye?;The pirate snapped,;It was the day after I got my hook!;最后,酒保问道:“我注意到你还有一个眼罩你是怎么失去你的眼睛的呢?”,海盗回答说:“我在沙滩睡觉的时候,一海鸥飞过正好大便到我的眼睛上”酒保很疑惑的问:“小小海鸥的粪便怎么可能就让你失去你的眼睛?”海盗火大的说:“那发生在我的手刚装上了钩子的第二天!” 3195璧山潼南区治疗打呼噜哪家好

重庆西南医院鼻子疾病好吗Raul: Thanks showing me around on my first day.劳尔:谢谢你在我上班第一天带我四处走走Ursula: Itrsquo;s no problem. I want to give you the lay of the land and tell you about the people yoursquo;ll be working with. instance, thatrsquo;s Julie over there. Shersquo;s really nice, but shersquo;s also a perfectionist. If you ever work with her, remember that shersquo;s a stickler about everything.乌苏拉:不客气我想告诉你公司的一些情况,还有你将与之共事的各位同事呶,那边的那个是朱莉,她真地很靓但也是一个完美主义者如果你要和她一起共事,请记住,她可是各方面都很挑剔的Raul: Okay, Irsquo;ll remember that.劳尔:好的,我会记住这一点的Ursula: And Phil over there? Hersquo;s a slacker and a troublemaker. Stay away from him, far, far away.乌苏拉:那个是菲尔他是个懒虫,也是一个惹是生非的人离他远点,越远越好Raul: Thanks the warning.劳尔:谢谢你的提醒Ursula: And thatrsquo;s Luis. Yoursquo;ll be working under him. Hersquo;s a slave driver and a workaholic, and he expects everybody else to be one, too.乌苏拉:这是路易斯你会在他的手下工作他是一个苛刻的上司,是一个工作狂,他希望别人也都像他一样Raul: That doesnrsquo;t sound good.劳尔:这可不大妙啊Ursula: Donrsquo;t sweat it. Standing next to Luis is Gil. Hersquo;s a yes-man and very, very ambitious, almost ruthless. Donrsquo;t get in Gilrsquo;s way.乌苏拉:别紧张站在路易斯旁边的那个是吉尔他是个应声虫,但野心勃勃,冷酷无情别去招惹他Raul: Okay, I wonrsquo;t. Thanks showing me around. By the way, whorsquo;s the office gossip?劳尔:好的,我不会招惹他谢谢你带我四处走走顺便问一下,谁在办公室里最八卦呢?Ursula: Oh, we donrsquo;t have one of those around here.乌苏拉:哦,还没这样的人呢 9川北医学院第二附属医院耳聋看怎么样好不好 素材作者:拿破仑原创朗读:MrPanDear Josephine, I have your letter, my adorable love.亲爱的约瑟芬,我收到了你的信,我的爱人It has filled my heart with joy...你的信使我充满了欢乐Since I left you I have been sad all the time.自从与你分手以后,我一直闷闷不乐,愁眉不展My only happiness is near you.我唯一的幸福就是伴随着你I go over endlessly in my thought of your kisses, your tears, your delicious jealousy.你的吻给了我无限的思索和回味,还有你的泪水和甜蜜的嫉妒The charm of my wonderful Josephine kindles a living, blazing fire in-my heart and senses.我迷人的约瑟芬的魅力像一团炽热的火在心里燃烧When shall I be able to pass every minute near you, with nothing to do but to love you and nothing to think of but the pleasure of telling you of it and giving you the proof of it?什么时候我才能在你身旁度过每分每秒,除了爱你什么也不需做;除了向你倾诉我对你的爱并向你明爱的那种愉快,什么也不用想了?I loved you some time ago; since then I feel that I love you a thousand times better.我不敢相信不久前爱上你,自那以后我感到对你的爱更增一千倍Ever since I have known you I adore you more every day.自我与你相识,我一天比一天更喜爱你That proves how wrong is that saying of La Bruyere ;Love comes all of a sudden.这正好明了La Bruyere说的;爱,突如其来;多么不切合实际Ah, let me see some of your faults.让我看你的一些美中不足吧Be less beautiful, less graceful, less tender, less good. But never be jealous and never shed tears.再少几分甜美,再少几分优雅,再少几分温柔抚媚,再少几分姣好吧但决不要嫉妒,决不要流泪Your tears send me out of my mind... they set my very blood on fire.你的眼泪使我神魂颠倒你的眼泪使我热血沸腾Believe me that it is utterly impossible me to have a single thought that is not yours, a single fancy that is not submissive to your will.相信我,我每时每刻无不想你,不想你是绝无可能的,没有一丝意念能不顺着你的意愿Rest well. Restore your health.好好休息,早日康复Come back to me and then at any rate bee we die we ought to be able to say ;We were happy so very many days!;回到我的身边,不管怎么说,在我们谢世之前,我们应当能说:;我们曾有多少个幸福的日子啊!;Millions of kisses even to your dog.千百万次吻,甚至吻你的爱犬 638成飞医院耳鸣治疗的价格

重庆爱德华鼻中隔偏曲好吗Part of my job as school principal is to hand out awards and scholarships to students. We recently had a ceremony to do just that. _________ Principal: Miguel, I want to commend you your work this year and congratulate you winning the science award. It is well deserved. The recipient of this year’s commy service award is Monique her outstanding achievements. My heartiest congratulations to you, Monique. I am also very proud of another one of our students, Yugo, who has been awarded the ESL Podcast award. This prestigious award honors the achievements of outstanding students. Yugo, a job well done. Finally, we are also honoring one of our teachers today. her dedication to her students and to the school, we are recognizing the achievements of Ms. Niehbur. I cannot imagine a more deserving teacher. Please accept my sincere congratulations.【词汇注释】awards n. 奖scholarship n.奖学金 ceremony to do just that.办法奖学金的意识commend v.称赞congratulate v. 祝贺; 恭喜well deserved 应得的recipient n. 受领者outstanding achievements 杰出的成就 hearty a.热忱的prestigious a. 享有声望的a job well done出色完成任务dedication n.奉献Please accept my sincere congratulations. 请接受我诚挚的祝贺 61 合川永川区治疗咽喉疾病哪家医院最好綦江大足区治疗鼻窦炎价格



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